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Entretien de Data Analyst Calgary, AB

They asked computer skill questions to determine my

  computer use skill level. They also asked several questions relating to analysis work. They asked me to provide examples of when I worked as part of a team and when I worked alone. How did I manage stress and what type of environment I like to work, and where I see myself in a couple of years and what my career aspirations are. The questions were not always easy but the HR contractor was very patient and gave me examples of situations so that I could think about the questions and answer them in the best way. The HR contractor made the interview process fun. When I left the interview I was not stressed at all which is unusual for me as I am a perfectionist.

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The HR contractor provided examples and gave me time to answer them. I answered them honestly. I gave them examples of various work assignments I had at school and they seemed satisfied with my answers.

Candidat à l'entretien, le 26 juin 2017

This is a fake post created by a temporary HR employee that is attempting to create a positive reference for herself.

Anonymous, le 12 oct. 2017

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