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They ask why you left all of your jobs on your resume.


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For more experience I want to upgrade my skills

Adewole Akindun le


I gave them the truth

Utilisateur anonyme le

1 issue

Debra henry le


Personal reason

Utilisateur anonyme le


I have had the luxury to be a stay at home mom to 5 little one. I just had twin boys 4 months ago and I'm finally done having children. And ready to seek into my career field. I graduated from Paul Mitchell the school of Orlando. I haven't taking the test yet it is my passion with loving to do hair and makeup. Working for Cosmo prof will help me tremendously with a refreshment on the knowledge to help me taking my state board test. Thank you

Sarah Hamilton le


Simply put, felt it was my time to leave that particular position

E.JH. le

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