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There was no questions like "What would you do if..". It was more o fa free talk


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I went through my CV explaining in detail my experience, projects (college, professional) I worked on, chalenges faced while working on those projects and how I approached them and dealt with them. A bit about college experience and projects and the final project. Also gave some information about myself, what kind of person I am, what I like doing in my free time, etc. just to let them know that I am a "real" person and have interests outside work or work related.

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How long did it took you to get an offer letter (after the call from recruiter,confirming your selection) ?

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I didn't go through any recruitment agency. I applied for that position directly on IBM career website. As far as I can remember it took approximately 1-2 weeks to contact me after I sent the application and another week or two after my interview to get an offer.

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