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Entretien de Senior Manager, GRS Proposals Toronto, ON

The phone interview was the hardest. The hiring manager

  knew right away my background was perfect for the job. So, the hardest question was answering why I wanted the job, which was asked in phone screen & manager interview. A simple question, but since this job might be seen as a "step back" from my previous experience, it had to be handled excellently well.

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I explained that I wanted to explore another area of the investment management world, as I'd always been intrigued by it. That the role I took had many similarities in terms of people involved, problem type (just a smaller scale with more projects) and expected results. And that in the end I found the experience valuable, providing perspective, and that what I learned there would be useful to the current role.

Candidat à l'entretien, le 6 juin 2012

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