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J'ai postulé via la recommandation d'un employé Le processus a pris 1 semaine. J'ai passé un entretien chez The PEER Group (Kitchener, ON) en Jan 2008


My interview process spanned a period of one week. It consisted of three separate interviews with groups ranging from 1 to 4 people. In the first interview I met with a group of three individuals; Director of Development, Human Resource Manager and a Development Project Manager. This interview was very easy going, basically a test of "If you fit" within the PEER Group environment. The second interview was the challenging interview. On the panel of interviewers was again the Human Resource Manager, Two Development Project Managers and a Senior Software Developer. The majority of the questions came from the Senior Developer (c# related questions) and the Project Managers (how would you handle different parts of the development process, documentation, etc... type questions). I found the Project Managers and Senior Developer very knowledgeable of software development process and development languages that they specialized in. The third interview was a meet and greet with the CEO's. By this time I had already received an offer so it really wasn't classed as an interview.

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  • Your on a farm, and your in a field with horses and you have a fence that you have to repair. But you left your hammer back at the house, what do you do? Remember the fence is broken and you cannot leave it alone otherwise the horses will escape.
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