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Questions entretien Anonymous chez The Cosmopolitan

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So, it is very important that you understand getting into the HR group interview (while necessary to make it to the next step) means nothing. They tell you when you are there that the job you were applying to could already be filled and the hiring manager doesn't even get your application until after you "pass" the group interview. So, you essentially waste time and resources when the hiring manager might not even be interested. Also, if the hiring manager is slow, you sit around for them to reject you so you can apply for another job (you can only be considered for one job at a time at the Cosmo).

Group interview starts when you get there. Talk to someone and be able to tell the group what you learned about them. It doesn't necessarily have to be the guided questions on the card they pass out when you get there. Then, you watch a video about Cosmo and it seems like they keep this pretty updated so it won't be the same from year to year. Next, they go through Cosmo's core values and you have to give an example of a time where you demonstrated them: Conscience, Courageous, Compassion, and Community. You could probably have them ready before you go. The general format is: they tell a story, then you give your example along with the other 10-15 people in the room (or those that volunteer anyway). They don't always go around the room so make sure you raise your hand. This is the test.

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  • Give examples of times when you showed: Conscience, Courageous, Compassion, and Community.   1 réponse
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