Questions d'entretiens pour le poste de Account Manager - Coins chez The Bradford Group |

Questions d'entretiens pour le poste de Account Manager - Coins chez The Bradford Group

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Entretien de Account Manager - Coins

Employé anonyme - London, ON
Offre d'embauche acceptée
Expérience négative
Difficulté moyenne


J'ai postulé via une autre source. J'ai passé un entretien à The Bradford Group (London, ON) en octobre 2016.


It was a very unorganized interview process. I first got a call from HR asking basic questions to qualify me for the position.
She said she'd talk to the Manager of the Division to set up an in person interview and would get back to me within 2 days.
Two days go by and I hadn't heard back from her so I assumed they weren't interested in moving forward. Then the next day I get a call to meet with HR. I accepted.
It was straight forward. Basic questions about myself such as strengths, weaknesses, etc. Then into sales questions.
She was very happy with me and told me she was recommending that I have a second interview with the Manager and the Director of the Division.

The next day I got a call from her saying they wanted a third interview with the above mentioned people.

When I got there the Manager was late and the Ditector didn't show up.
This interview was similar to the HR one except more tailored to sales such as: how to handle objections, how to keep motivated, asked about how my sales were at my present job. Also, if I met targets etc.

She said she's very interested in hiring me and would let HR know and they would call me. She also mentioned I might have to meet with the Director just so she can seal the deal.

Two days go by and then HR called and said they were going for a fourth interview but the Director doesn't have time.
I thought what kind of company has THREE INTERVIEWS, let alone FOUR! We weren't talking about a career or a Corporate Business! I had two interviews for a well known Corporate Business in my career.

This was crazy. I wasn't going again to another interview if she had said I had to.
She hired me that day and that was a Thursday afternoon and had to start the following Monday!

 Poorly planned
They didn't keep their word on timeframe

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