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Lowe's Home Improvement

Tell me about a time you put together a plan for a project or work assignment.

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While I was a sheet metal mechanic my boss asked me to come up with a plan and schedule to install 14 6' diameter exhaust fans. I started by recruiting 4 dependable guys I knew would help and not hinder the install. I decided to hang the fans using a series of chain falls to lift the fans and pull them into place at the same time. After we had the fan in place we fastened it with bolts to the side of the filter house and hung it from 1/2 " threaded rod. Complete success.

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When i worked construction

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As Csa 4 I was feeling in as a department manager while he was on vCation we had numerous resets where do I left specific assignments to do why I wasn't there and verified when I came back to work to make sure we meet I deadline

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