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Tell me about a time you had a challenging client and what you did to overcome the challenge.


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I described a client who was adamantly against anything I had to offer his company and a unique way I went about reaching him and getting a meeting. I explained how I eventually got the customer's buy-in and he became an advocate of our product.

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I have seen "the list" of interview questions but would love to see the list of answers, and how they help employers find that magical employee. Really, what can be gleaned by a question like this, or one of the many others ie: What have you done in the past that you consider your greatest accomplishment? Really? It would always be giving birth to and raising my child, not something employers want to hear, but it is the truth. Maybe we need to lie just to get a job? No, not something I will ever do. Maybe I need to open my own company, lol

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