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Entretien pour Customer Success Manager



Standard interview questions inline with what you would expect for the CSM role, customer interaction - etc. Logic Test was fairly straight forward, applied mathematics - high school stuff.


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Are you native Japanese? or foreigner?may be they hope native japanese speakers.

Linda le


Not Japanese but have lived here for 20 years, so linguistically native. But you are right that CEO locally would seem to prefer Japanese Nationals. This is fine, would have been nice to know earlier. FYI I also had a Japanese test which consisted of translating a Nikkei Shinbun article and commenting which I passed.

SM le


Hello, The feedback from our Japan CEO for you was indeed that you seemed "laid back", meaning less engaged and driven than he was expecting. This has nothing to do with age or nationality. We are a global company and we hire all nationalities and all ages, as we grow worldwide. Thank you,

Marius Istrate, People Operations Leader le


Thx for the clarification and very unique feedback - that is an interesting first. I'm glad to hear that you are hiring all nationalities in Tokyo. Good luck and all the best to you in your Tokyo operations. Sincere Regards, SM

SM le

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