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Situational questions mostly Tell me about a time when you had a disagreement/ confrontation with a customer and how did you handle it? Tell me about a time when you had a disagreemnt with a co worker and how did you handle it? What are your weaknesses and strengths?


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After a telephone interview, I received a call for a face to accept interview. As far as I remember, she said 3-4 days but called almost 10 days later, I was also asked to do a test on a computer basically to check your computer skills. The face to face interview was with one HR professional and one manager; it could be anyone from the service, sales or claims department. Lots of situational questions, main objective is to grasp how you respond to difficult situations, challenging clients. Make sure you answer with what the problem was, how you handled it and the outcome, link that in with your past roles. Hope it helps, good luck and hope you et the job!

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hi, i had a telephonic interview with TD yesterday for the same role and she said she will call me for another interview by 3-4 days. should i be expecting a call or do they call in for a personal interview during the telephonic interview itself.

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Keep them insurance industry specific. Always answer with a problem, your solution and the outcome. Be honest, they can tell when you are making it up! Do not give the same example for every question, give different examples that show your adaptability to change, positivity to critique, decision making skills and accountability.

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