Questions d'entretiens pour le poste de Data Scientist chez Scarsin Corporation |

Questions d'entretiens pour le poste de Data Scientist chez Scarsin Corporation

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Entretien de Data Scientist

Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Markham, ON
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J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Scarsin Corporation (Markham, ON) en février 2019.


They sent me the interview process a head by email like:

Case study + coding (~60 min)

o 20 min self-coding and analyzing the problem

o 20 min collaboration coding and analyzing

o 20 min questions and answers

· Reverse Interview (15 min)

o an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the role, team or anything you're interested in learning more about at Scarsin.

· Meeting with CFO or CEO (15 min)

However because of bad weather condition, CEO met me first. He was really nice and professional with an amazing attitude. Meeting him made me more motivated to work in this company and be a part of expanding their wise ideas and dream.

Then I had a long 1:1 interview with their data scientist director. In reality their data science group include only director! He started our meeting with telling me that I am looking for someone who has more knowledge in this area (Forecasting time series) than me and otherwise I do not have any point to hire somebody. I do not think that is logical to start interview like this. Since we had a phone interview before and he told me they are looking for somebody familiar with times series and R coding to start a new package from scratch, it was a little bit distracting at the beginning of the interview.

Then he left me in meeting room with wireless keyboard that had lots of problems with nonworking keys, without letting me know about that. Even he gave me the data set in the row format instead column excel sheet and when I tried to transpose the row, the excel special paste did not work. I spent 15 minutes to be able to read data and convert it in a time series format. So I had only 5 minutes left to do the question. So I could not complete it properly as I could solve it. Then he came with unhappy face with what I did in the coding part and started asking very detailed questions for about an hour and a half. His detailed questions were mostly related with his job who he learned them in 2 years and a half working in this company with a wonderful open-minded CEO. I almost answered 80% of the questions, and for the questions which I did not answer completely he complete my answers in a way to show me he knows them better than me that was not very professional. Now I can understand why such a good company does not have any high level educated employee.

Their software had a very non-user friendly interface for the clients. It needs some improvements. When I recommend that to the director, I think he did not like it.

Director responded me very fast before interview that it really impressed me. But he did not respond me any email that I sent him after interview that was very unprofessional and disappointing too.

After finishing the interview, director told me they will have 2 more interviews next week and then they will let me know about their decision, however, I have got an email for failing to the interview only one and a half day after the interview!!!!

It was the most unprofessional interview that I've ever had. I recommend them to overview their hiring process.

Questions d'entretien d'embauche

  • There was a univariate weekly data (Frequency: 361) they need forecasting for next 365 days.
    _ You must recommend two different models
    _You should test their residuals
    _You should do decomposition

    The director asked lots of details like which methods R is using to do forecasting in STL decomposition approach! he is going to challenge you as much as he can .   1 réponse
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