Questions entretien User Experience Designer chez Paddle |

Questions entretien User Experience Designer chez Paddle


Entretien de User Experience Designer

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Le processus a pris 5 jours. J'ai passé un entretien à Paddle.


Interview process started with a phone screen by one of the nicest hiring managers I’ve encountered. General questions about myself, my profession, and what I was looking for.

Moved to the second technical interview. I had to prepare a design exercise. I thought the exercise required more time than a traditional interview screening exercise.

Technical interview consisted of a remote video session with 45 mins to go over the project and 45 mins to talk about my portfolio. Honestly I have the impression they weren’t interested in me before I even arrived at this interview because essentially no questions were asked about my project or process, which felt disappointing considering the time investment.

The pros were HR was lightning fast with feedback and scheduling and kept up with great communication and feedback. The negatives obviously were no job offer and getting the feeling the answer was no before I even met the team.

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