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Most unexpected question: Describe to me the process and benefits of wearing a seatbelt.


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Process: put buckle into socket until it locks. Benefit: your face doesn't become shredded to hell when it goes flying through the windshield in an accident.

Mike le


Process (front seat manual seat belt only for simplicity): Prerequisites: - Be inside car. - Be seated. - Be unbuckled. Step 1: move the hand farthest from your nearest window over your opposite shoulder, reaching just behind the window frame for the belt buckle. Step 2: Grab it and pull your hand across your body in a downward fashion, reaching for the space between your seat and the seat next to you, where you'll find the socket into which the buckle locks. Step 3: Match the hole in the socket with the buckle. It may take some practice. Step 4: CLICK! Benefits (from most to least likely to happen): - Avoiding minor injuries from hitting your head against the windshield when the person driving brakes too hard all of a sudden. - Being able to slide your nail against the side of the belt, making a "swish" noise which will potentially annoy everyone else inside the car, for endless fun. - Achieving a false sense of security. - Avoiding fines for not using it (where applicable). And not having to use one of these: - If you do end up having a real car crash, you won't have to worry about any nasty sequels, as you'll likely die caught in its relentless grip as your car explodes. - Avoiding dying when the car comes to an abrupt stop after having gathered enough momentum to throw you off through the windshield.

Emi le


flight attendant, assume crash position...

=z= le


Well, Mike and Nick pretty much covered the process of inserting buckle into socket until it clicks. Benefits in a car are clearing to prevent being thrown through the windshield. In an airplane, not so much...mostly to keep you from flying out during turbulence and keep you out of the flight attendants way. Because, let' face it, in the evnt of a crash, you are already going to be

dmc le


Process: Rip out chair, seat belt attached. Benefits: None, already took a lightning bolt to the head and I am made of metal!

Johnny 5 le


Process: put the seat belt on the shoulder Benefits: Avoided police ticketed

Adikin le


Process: take the buckle and securely lock it into place. Benefit: You won't look like the Crypt Keeper if you get into an accident.

Nick le



Utilisateur anonyme le


Be me. Be in hurry. Driving down road while tuning radio stations and drinking coffee at same time Seat belt alarm keeps ringing Try to buckle seat belt while also texting on phone and combing hair Sneeze really hard into steering wheel Try to wipe spit and snot off steering wheel while buckling seat belt and replying to multiple texts on cell phone Car crashes into next door neighbor's mailbox Call off work and go home

Murb le


Process: First & Foremost sit yourself & take the buckle round your stomach & securely lock it ino the socket. Benefits : chances of death & severe injury is drastically low.

Prashant Sadrani le

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