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Modify their template application (they send you a link to the repo) to include an api controller to handle requests where you receive 2 inputs to an api call. An integer that represents a position in a sequence and a string that represents an expected answer. If the position input is divisible by 3 ( )then the expected answer is "foo" If the position input is divisible by 5 (5, 10...) then the expected answer is "bar" If the position input is divisible by both 3 and 5 (i.e. 15, 30 ...)then the expected answer is "foobar" If the expected answer matches the supplied answer then return 200 OK otherwise return 400 badRequest The test must be conducted while they are shoulder surfing and you must do it despite being questioned and corrected the entire way through if they observe that you're not doing it the way they want it written. You are not given any coding style guide. You must guess the correct one. You have 20 minutes to do it.


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The only way to complete this is to have it written beforehand due to the high level of distraction forced upon you. They want the service layer to be injected. They want the response to be inlined i.e. return _service.checkresult() ? OK : BadRequest Define and use an interface for the service (obviously that is needed for the injection). If you don't do that first they will stop you to demand why you're not writing the service layer as injection right from the start (obviously it's because you've only got 20 minutes). Don't add any exception handling (i.e. try catch)... Yes that speaks volumes. Basically get a copy of the latest .net book and write it to match that.

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