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Imagine you're working for Geico and we are promoting a faster way to pay online. I caller calls in to make a payment and as you try to explain the new and fast way to pay they immediately say they are not interested. What do you do?


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I really appreciate the feedback .Thank you

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I would proceed to process the payment (which is the most important part of customer service) and afterward before hanging up I would explain that if the customer wanted to pay faster they could do and then explain the new procedure.

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hello, i have a role play interview scheduled for friday 04/26/2016. Please can you give me some insight and also how did you respond to the question you were asked about online payment question

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Well hopefully your interview is not in 3 years. I answered the question something like, I'd still try to explain the product to them. Of course I dressed it up with customer service-y words. legally I cant tell you whats on the role play, we signed documents. But I will say use every thing that's been given to you and think outside the box.

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