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How would you test a coke can?


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4) How would you test a Coke Can? a) Is this US can? Different countries might have different sized or types of Can. Let’s assume US. b) What kind of Coke is it – regular, Diet, Coke Zero or some new thing that Coca cola is coming out with? Assume – Diet. a. Test the opening of the can. i. Does opening the can too fast or applying above avg pressure snap & break the open-lever (for lack of a better term)? ii. How much pressure is acceptable before it snaps. Can we measure & hence test that? iii. Shake the can a little bit & open – does the gas make the liquid jump out? If not that is bad because it means it didn’t have enough gas? iv. Open it normally & make sure it doesn’t rise out too fast. b. Taste i. Does the drink taste crisp & as expected – when its expiration has not passed. ii. How does it taste when the can is expired? Should taste at least slightly different and worse than the regular can that’s not expired, otherwise expiration doesn’t mean much. iii. What does it mean to have the can expired? Are there health consequences? If so are they listed on the can in a way that grabs consumer attention? iv. What happens if the Can was opened a few days ago & left unfinished in the fridge? Outside? Obviously it’d taste not so crisp, but health consequences? v. What happens if the Can was in the trunk of a car in extreme winter conditions – minus 10 deg weather? What happens subsequently on trying to open the can? Drink frozen completely? vi. Test case for extreme hot weather … Health consequences? vii. Since this is diet coke, make sure that this tastes different from other kinds – regular & Zero & especially compared to regular viii. Compare test with diet varieties of competitors & offer any suggestions for improvements ix. Try & mix the drink with different types of alcohols & see what type does it taste great with. x. c. Misc i. What happens if the Can falls from your hands & on your toes for eg. Is there a risk of serious injury? ii. How easy is it to Pour the drink from the Can in a glass for eg. d. Branding / Can Design i. Is the design visually appealing in a way that when displayed with other competitors, it’s attractive for a consumer to buy this as the can looks very attractive (tourist scenario for eg.). ii. Does the Text make it clear & advertise the fact that it is Diet & No calories – effectively for people who are weight conscious? iii. Does the Text appeal to weight conscious people, by marketing the fact that it tastes equally good as the regular variety or something along the lines? iv. Are there ingredients, risks & other things required by law – listed effectively?

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