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How would you explain a computer to a child?


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Computer lets you do all kinds of cool stuff like let you write things, watch videos, play games, listen to music, and much more. It usually has a screen that lets you see things so you can know what you are doing with it. It also uses a mouse for pressing on things on the screen that does something depending on what you pressed on or move up and down on a page if the screen cannot show everything at once. There's another part of the computer called the keyboard that lets you write things or pressing multiple buttons on the keyboard at a time let you do all kinds of things like copy and pasting words from 1 place to another or saving the words you typed. Inside the computer, you have a "processor" that does all work you want it to do. It also has memory so that it can use information later and let you do many things at a time without losing track of everything. Then you have a storage disk that lets you save things even when the computer is turned off but writing to it and reading from it is slower to do than it is with memory.

Bhargava, le 25 janv. 2019

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