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How will you bring change in the organisation without creating turbulance


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100% truly focus on my work. Whenever it is bring change i focus on my new ideas, ask senior for necessary changes And fully confident on my performance.

Prajakta Dhapte le


Make a good case study, take a buyin from the top management, make presentations to the management team and concerned officers. Ask their opinion, make changes whereever necessary. Then implement it

Utilisateur anonyme le


what a dumb question and what a dumb answer.. its like asking Q: How well would you obey us? A: Sir, 100%

p dg le


why is this dumb

KVA le


Make a questionnaire of the desired changes and circulate it across the organization at all the levels.get the feedback and go ahead if positive inclination or make changes and have suggestions as per the feedback

Utilisateur anonyme le

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