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Entretien de Senior Software Engineer

Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Gurgaon, Haryana (Inde)
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J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris +2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Hike (Gurgaon, Haryana (Inde)) en juin 2015.


It was fun to interview, felt interviewers bit conservative. They only wanted to listen to answer which they have in mind but nothing else. It was tremendously funny that later I got offer from GOOGLE but they rejected me :p

I had broadly 3 rounds.

Round I - Telephonic
Mostly on Java/J2EE simple stuff. Some algorithmic questions of medium difficulty.

Round II - Simulation
They mailed a problem statement and asked code in return.
It was to code a caching solution in pure java.

Round III - F2F
I was called to hike's office for F2F. But, it was more than that. It was almost 6 hrs long.
I was first given is insanely strange problem statement to code in pure java. It was something regarding coding a server in java which will accept rq/rs from browser. I was given 3hrs to do it, which was kind of sufficient. I was allowed to use google, so figured out how to do it.
Then next three hours were all around questions about the solution I coded.
There were 3 interviewers who were judging me all at once and were wanting me to give answer which they think to be correct. I will not say that they had wrong answer in their mind but what I was telling them was also correct. I implemented solution a bit differently then what they deemed to be correct, so there was lot of attack and defending.

Overall, I think they need to understand that such a conservative interview process is not good, especially for SSE role. They only interviewed me on what code was written for sample problem. While there are lot of other areas left untouched.

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