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Entretien pour Human Resource Manager

-Hayward, CA


Give me 48 cents using 6 coins. Tell me quantity and value of the 6 coins.


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Six coins valued at 8 cents each.

B W le


To no waste time I would give them 5 dimes and tell them to keep the change. Because when hiring me they would always get more than asked

Tom le


1quarter, 2dimes, 3 pennies

Kim le


1 quarter, 2 dimes, 3 penny's = 48 cents

Utilisateur anonyme le


Got the same. Only I put them into the ladder aspect. The quarter thinks the three pennies are of great value because they represent employees then the two dimes are a group leader and a supervisor ,are the overseeors . So the quarter whos is valued most for picking up off the ground and putting it in your pocket . But then in an over all cents of it you would like fourty-eight cents,because that's the way society is. The great ladder to keep a company going. Just my inner thought.

jacqueline g le

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