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Questions posées lors d'un entretien d'embauche de Customer Care Representative chez First Insurance Corporation

Mis à jour le 24 sept. 2016

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J'ai postulé via une autre source. Le processus a pris 1 jour. J'ai passé un entretien chez First Insurance Corporation (Carleton, MI) en sept. 2016


I saw the posting for the job online. It was titled Customer Care Reprentative. The salary was listed as $45K per year. The ad also stated weekly salary plus bonuses. I was a little skeptical so I called the phone number. The lady on the phone was super nice. She asked if I lived close to the office. She also stated that the agent needed help updating client banking info and returning calls. Great-I was excited-assuming I was interviewing for an admin type position. I set up an interview for the next day. When I arrived at the business I was confused. There were already 3 other applicants waiting. So I filled out paperwork and we waited. We were taken downstairs for a PowerPoint presentation. Explaining how the company worked and how great it was. I was now even moreconfused, I knew there would be some selling but honestly I was convinced that I didn't belong there, this wasn't what the job posting said or the lady said on the phone. The man giving the presentation was super nice. Then he dropped the bombs----the pay is actually $400 per week with the POTENTIAL to make $40k-50k per year AND this was a door to door sales position. I would like to note that I have seen these types of job postings before but THEY at least explain in the job description that there is a base and commission and clearly list the higher wage as POTENTIAL. This company DID NOT do that in their job posting. I was so disappointed by what I consider false advertising. This was a complete waste of my time. There were three other people interviewing with me. Without speaking to one another, 3 of us left. The one person that stayed was the first person to be called into the interview room. I would like to suggest that they explain the job and give the correct salary for the position in their future job postings. It is ridiculous that they would waste applicants time by lying to them to get them in the door.

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