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Entretien pour Financial Services Representative


Globe Life Family Heritage Division

Do you like money? Are you ready to work harder than you have in your whole life? Do you have any inhibitions?


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• For me is not to like, is to encourage my mind set, for what I have done, • I’m ready for the hard job, I mean that is my routine for 12+years. • I haven’t any inhibitions

Pedro Palate le


How did you handle stress and orders/tasks coming from different superiors? . Important aspect for the stress, is to trust on what you came to do, either by the team goals. (Trusting and build better performance) Obviously: Trust, credibility, and action, the article advice include my 12+ years trade work experience doing simultaneity Bosses assistance, so that isn’t problem, due I know what to do & how to do, for the any Boss job request, it’s all about what i feel empowered to make decisions and run with ideas autonomously, thanks to their support. Either i spell out scenarios where their perspective might be helpful and professional development and a greater effort to get more innovations

Pedro Palate le

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