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Didn't get that far! Phone interview was set up, then their on-staff recruiter canceled by email(!) just a few hours before the appointment. She never rescheduled; I had to chase her down a week later to learn that job was now "on hold" with no timetable. Now I'm quite tenured in work matters, but this one is a record for a quick and mysterious reversal! Immediately after, I officially withdrew my interest in this clown outfit; while waiting for the illustrious recruiter for the reschedule that never came, I had checked out reviews of the co. here and on Indeed, and it all made sorry sense. Run away!


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I agree with Marie, this company bit more than they could chew building a state of the art facility ($250,000 a month on mortgage) and call it WHQ...they moved their production line from woodland only to lay them off (25ppl) on the first week. They do only promote people that are related to each other. Their website still says they are hiring, I recommend to look elsewhere.

Jello Bacon le


Thank you for your support. I feel it my duty to share such experiences, for I visit helpful sites like Glassdoor to read user reviews when I'm checking out a prospective employer. I'd like to chat, however, w/the person(s) behind this "4.1% unemployment" scam in the media, for I'm having just as much trouble now finding work as I was in the midst of the recession; it's become an applicant vs employer war anymore!

original poster le


Be glad it did not pan out! They just let go 175 employees before Thanksgiving. Too top heavy in management and it's all family there and they promote only those that are relatives to owners of the company.

Marie le

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