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Entretien de Program Manager(Candidat étudiant) Redmond, WA (États-Unis)

Describe your most challenging project.


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I was recently offered a job at Microsoft and having suffered from lack of proper up-to date interview prep materials, I created an "interview preparation guide" that has all the questions I’ve been asked and more. I think it will be very useful to people who are interviewing at Microsoft for various roles.

You can buy the guide from here:

The book has a lot of positive reviews/feedback already so please check out the feedback at the bottom of the page. (People are commenting that the guide made a big difference for them!).



Ryan, le 9 juin 2019

Hi all, if you need referrals to top tech companies like Google, Facebook, etc., check out this link.

Utilisateur anonyme, le 4 déc. 2019

This question is actually not as easy as it sounds. The key in questions like this, is to be ready for all the inevitable follow-up questions and back-and-forth that typically happens, as the interviewer really tries to understand how you think.

Maybe do a mock interview with one of the Microsoft Program Manager experts on PrepTick to get a real-world answer? They give lots of guidance and pro tips on how to deal with this kind of stuff...

Utilisateur anonyme, le 17 janv. 2020

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