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BST Systems

Could i assist in maintaining their compliance issues and get their program back on track because they didnt have one


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Place sucks and doesnt care as long as they are making money. Supervisor is an idiot .kid got chemicals in his eye because he is an idiot aswell . Lmao at that should have wore your ppe moron

osha le


Go get a job at walmart youd be treated better

Utilisateur anonyme le


Biggest group of douchebags i have ever laid eyes on .management is the worst. Horrible wage .they lie to your face . Accuse you of stealing company items .how they even stay in busy is mind boggling. Constantly violate all safety regulations. Dont care about your health and safety. Seriously your better off being unemployed than working for these clowns

Utilisateur anonyme le


Yeah stay unemployed dont work here horrible place

Billy douchecanoe le


Im Billy douchecanoe so how about that Some come to sit and think others come to sh!t and stink . And others well you dont want to know what they do . 🤔🐓🐒

Billy Douchecanoe le


I love men and want my azz hole to be abused by a big fat 🐔

Tyler B le

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