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J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 jours. J'ai passé un entretien chez Carpere (Richmond, BC) en Jun 2019


I was interviewed by 3 people and only 1 could speak English fluently. They asked many inappropriate questions that are offside, but I volunteered the answers anyway. I had all the skills and experience they were looking for, and they were excited to offer me the job. I got called back to meet the CEO and arrived at the appointed time but he was in a meeting and they made me wait for almost an hour. Then I met him and he couldn't speak a word of English but he invited me for dinner on the spot, which I declined because I had plans. They indicated they would pay me what I was asking and that the job was mine...I asked them to send it to me in writing so that I could review it. When I got the offer letter, it was below the minimum I was asking for...then said that after 3 months they would increase it , and that eventually they would pay me whatever I want once I've proved myself. I asked them to put that in writing, and to put specific numbers in writing at certain dates or milestones...I was willing to accept a lower starting wage if they provided written assurance that they would bring my salary up after a probationary period. That's when things went radio silent...I contacted them but I got zero response, so I moved on. They indicated that you have to work late in the evening and on weekends as's basically an Asian sweat shop, but you have to wear a suit. It was clear that they do not respect their employees and that they are trying to do business in Canada with an Asian mind would be very difficult for a non-Asian (specifically non-Mandarin speaking) person to work there. Just my honest thoughts and experience.

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