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Can you do this job if I show you one? (That is all you will get for training here)


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The training on the roof hatch side was the same. There was none. I was told the same thing. If I didn't like it then leave. I was also told if I went to HR it would be a big mistake. I found out the hard way this was true. I don't know how they always get away with the illegal ways they do business.

J le


You do understand the reason and meaning of glassdoor right? These interviews comments and followups are all what this site was made for. So if someone interested in working here wants more information they can look to this site for the low down and see what the opinions of others are. The whole "We aren't in business to make you happy" is why so many people are angry. While Nystrom is there to make a profit, they do so at the expense of their workers. A good company understands the value of its' employees from the ground up. The corrupt practices that are in place at this company to basically screw over employees who are not in the upper-management is the problem. If you are a production employee how many times has your incentive or profit sharing been stolen for some crazy made up reason. Better yet how many times have you hit the metrics but it was stolen without an explanation. When a company pays you less than market average per hr because they claim the profit sharing and incentives add another $2.90/hr average... then it becomes a real issue. Let me tell you this too. Once you hit production management the incentive mechanics change slightly, but they are even more brutal when they find that magical reason something wasn't met. I remember losing 6+ months of them because 5s stuff was behind, yet the new system wasn't even implemented yet, but we were punished for it anyways. If you are happy there thought I'm glad for you, however I do not fault all those here with similar experiences to my own.

T le


I see the corruption and I know 5S has never been a priority. The priority is and always has been to ship as much product as quickly as possible. Quality and safety also take a back seat to pushing product out the door. I just find it hard to believe that you were ever a production manager. They're just yes men for upper management you would be just as guilty as them for "stealing" the production incentive.

Anonymous le


Management is still corrupt, dishonest, greedy and so far out of touch with what's going on right under their noses. How these people are in charge has baffled me from day one. And the the people managing the plants are a joke. They have no clue what they're doing. We've got thieves and racists leading us.

Nystrom employee le


This sounds like one of my interviews. Don't like it leave. Here's where you'll be working, just figure it out on your own. If you haven't figured it out by the end of your shift, you're not a fit.

John Chiodo le

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