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Questions entretien Senior Business Systems Analyst/UAT chez C.S.T. Consultants

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Entretien de Senior Business Systems Analyst/UAT

Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Toronto, ON
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J'ai postulé via une agence de recrutement. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à C.S.T. Consultants (Toronto, ON) en août 2016.


I was contacted by a recruiting agency for this role who told me this company is very picky who they let into their company and usually no one makes it to the round 2 interview. So if someone makes it to the round 2 interview, that means they got the job!

The interview process consisted of 1st round interview with the hiring manager followed by the 2nd round interview with Sr. Director/VP type if selected as a final candidate.

1st Round Interview with Hiring Manager:

Yet another silly interview/interviewer. Seemingly pleasant interviewer. Lots of talk about how great the company is and it's people. Lots of talk on how no one ever leaves the company but if they do leave. they always take them back. Told me how most employees have been there for a quarter century or more - cob web employees. Lots of blah, blah, blah and more blah. yawn. The interviewer was nice but too serious, never smiled and made it very clear on how in this role you will be expected to work over time, perform weekend work but there will be no over time paid. Then he asked me if I understood that twice.

After the pre-canned questions, the interviewer asked me to stay for the round 2 interview with the Sr. Director/VP type. He seemed really worried and desperate to hire me. He left the room, came back after about 10 minutes and said "Can you come back tomorrow for the round 2 interview?" and took my phone number and said he would call me when to come back in for the round 2 interview the next day. I accepted to come back the next day for the 2nd interview.

I never heard back from the hiring manager or the recruiting agency.

Nepotism seems very strong in this company with their cob web, no one never leaves but if they do leave, we'll take them back and we only promote within employees. It was made clear to by the agency from the start that it's hard to get into this company.

Message to C.S.T.:

You really need to stop the facade and stop wasting people's precious time with your interview process/method which is very sad.

It would be of value to your company to have new/fresh/qualified people with up to date skills and work experiences.

What are you going to do when all your quarter century or more employees all retire???

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