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Asked what I would have done if the CEO asked me to a meeting?


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I think we must have spoken to the same person. Essentially the Director of Recruiting doesn't want a new boss, or feels that she should be the VPHR, so she's condescending and dismissive.

VP HR Interview le


This entire process was insane. I interviewed with a group of entry level HR people, NONE of which had any experience, including the Director of HR, who was very unfriendly, inexperienced and cleary threatened by the new role. needless to say, I interviewed with the entire team as round 1, and not even the Chief Operating Officer. Waste of time allowing inexperienced people interview VP level candidates and chose their boss

Candidate for VP of HR le


Stay clear of this position and interview process. There are children responsible for interviewing for this role, those whom would work for this position. Its been open for over a year... and the HR Team is weak and inexperienced and should not be interviewing as a group of 10. The questions they asked were also very basic, something you would ask an entry level HR person.

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This was seriously a question that they asked you for an HRVP interview?

Candidate le


I'm sorry but I have to disagree with every comment above. Everyone of you sounds upset and jealous that you did not get the position. I had an amazing experience. From the time I applied, to speaking with the Recruiting Manager and the in person interviews with the Director of HR, the HR team and the COO. I was highly impressed by the team and the questions they asked. There was definitely a need to get the appropriate leader in this role to lead and grow the team. I was not selected for the position, but the Recruiting Manager went above and beyond and set me up with another opportunity within the family of companies. None of you that have commented sound like an professional HR Executive. Which I am almost 100% sure why you were not selected.

HR Executive le


Have someone call the candidate in your place and set up an additional call immediately, not a week later or after you have already missed the interview.

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