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-Toronto, ON


Are you willing to work 80 hours a week?


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I just got hired there as a bra, easily willing to work the 80 hours. Never saw a company that treats you with so much respect and trust right out of the gate. Also spend a lot of money per employee in technology which most people don't know and don't care about. I know and appreciate it as even if a company has the money, most won't spend it. Deloitte realizes their people are their biggest asset.

Utilisateur anonyme le


It depends on a person to person - if a resource is efficient and having skill to automate, the 16 hour work for a normal resource can be done in less than 8 hours !

Narender Chauhan le


No, I am not interested in working for a company that doesn't value life/work balance. Thank you for your time and good day.

SL le


Bta * autocorrect changes to bra.

Utilisateur anonyme le


Provided I have something to lie down for a few hours every day with enough coffee.

Sully le


Yes, partner responded "do you know how many hours that is per day?"

Utilisateur anonyme le

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