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A non HR person taking HR interviews and rejecting candidates without any reason. very disappointing and unethical. First the consultant forces you to be on or before the time given and then make you wait for 2 hours . Company seemed good as per the reviews but the interview process is very lame. No one is bothered to give feedback or the reason of rejection even though the interview went near perfect.


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answered all questions with 100 % confidence and tacts, still the interviewer did't seem to be impressed. She was just reading out questions from laptop and was in a hurry to finish the interview asap.

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If they are recruiting for a HR Manager, how can you assume that an HR person will interview you if they don't have an HR person? If you only were smart enough to convince a non HR person whom you will have to manage had you been selected

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This was expected ! first get humiliated in interview then get questioned over forums by unknown people proving the company to be right. As per my experience, if there is no HR person then the higher authority in management is required to take the interview and not someone who just knows to speak in english and have zero functional knowledge !!

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