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1) What is your most impactful product. 2) Why do I want to work for Shipt. 3) Tell me about a time you failed. I responded that we're in high tech, having to change something is not failure and should be expected. Not building in the ability to change is the failure mode. 4) It is August 2020, the CTO calls you and tells you that new account activation process has gone from two days to four days. What would you look at?


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Question 4: First, my dashboards and alerts would have all been triggered. I don't know anything about the platform or processes. It could be shipping, logistics, stuck servers. I would do an FMEA (he had no idea what that is). He persisted with the same question, and mentioned logs. IMO, logs are way after the fact. Set up your alerts and such. If the CTO is coming to you to tell you your product isn't working, then you haven't set it up properly. He still would not give up! So I said goodbye at that point and ended the call.

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