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Stuart Parker PDG USAA
72%Stuart Parker
Jeff Dailey PDG Farmers Insurance Group
71%Jeff Dailey
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J'ai travaillé chez USAA à temps plein moins d'un an


Vision, Mission, Members, Gorgeous facility, Education benefit, food access, gym and other Perks on campus, respectful environment, flex Schedules after a year, 401K, great job for retirees or those... who do not care about promoting. Diverse and hires Veterans, Second chance employer in some cases. Paid training and college credits.


Pay is low, medical benefits are not great, coworkers lack of critical thinking skills causes issues, lack of qualified employee pool for this pay level job, lots of calls, hard to get promoted if... you are younger. This job is hard for the low money it pays and requires higher level thinking abilities. This is severe and lacking in our country today, and especially in AZ, which has a lowly educated state populace. I left because I hated the job, moved out of state, and got another job paying better. I was sad since I loved the company. I just hated the job. Maybe other opportunities. This work is not for everyone.

Conseils à la direction

I spend 90 percent of my day fixing wrong information given out by lazy or downright dumb employees who do not know how to do their job and lack critical thinking skills. Sorry, but just being... honest. I loved the nice members but the nasty ones who insulted me ruined my day. You can only take that for so long before other jobs come calling.


Je travaille chez Farmers Insurance Group à


Reconized brand. But trust me: in this climate and economy, this is a diminishing reason.


No follow through on training or marketing materials. You may as well go to work for one of the MLM companies.

Conseils à la direction

Please DO NOT hold "Training" meetings at a bar! Really no kidding... there have been several of these "meetings" by senior management at the open floor area of a Sports bar with public patron and... slightly dressed young bar maids, how serious of a meeting is this? Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a senior manger about business, while He's to busy ordering ANOTHER Beer and looking down the blouse a of a young bar maid?. A total time wasting exercise and Incredibly ridiculous!

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