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    As a pre-doctoral instructor you have greater responsibility but also greater rewards. You have mentorship if you want it but it's not heavy-handed. UW students are bright and motivated for the most part. (Many complain about their undergrads, but try teaching at many other schools and you'll see what I mean!). Benefits are decent--in addition to salary the health insurance isn't bad (it could be better, but could... also be worse).



    It is a bit insulting that pre-doctoral instructors (teaching and planning one's own course) and teaching assistants make the same salary. Also, I've had good experiences in the two departments I've taught for, but one's experiences will vary by department.

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    Set the pay scale up so instructors make at least a little more than TAs. Even if neither are "supposed" to work more than 20 hours a week, teaching one's own course definitely takes more mental energy.

    University of Washington2014-12-27
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    Good to be an empl5.


    There aren't any cons I can think of

    University of Washington2019-07-22
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    The job has a stable paycheck and union benefits


    Doctors and often condescending to administrative staff. Low morale in general amongst admin team

    University of Washington2019-04-03

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