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  1. 2,0
    Ancien employé, moins d'un an

    Québec peu reconnu

    27 août 2020 - Responsable Des Ventes à Montréal, QC
    Approbation du PDG
    Perspective commerciale


    Travail de la maison et formation


    Salaire très bas et peu de possibilités d'avancement

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  1. 5,0
    Employé actuel, moins d'un an

    JPM Associate in SF

    6 juin 2023 - Senior Associate à San Francisco, CA
    Approbation du PDG
    Perspective commerciale


    Great culture, leadership, and office setup


    Base pay the same for someone in South Dakota. No cost of living adjustment

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  2. 3,0
    Employé actuel, plus de 3 ans

    No Work Life Balance

    15 févr. 2023 - Software Engineer 
    Approbation du PDG
    Perspective commerciale


    Decent pay Cutting edge technology Very smart people Very friendly people An amazing atmosphere if you're young and single. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is hungry to succeed and has the time to do so.


    This is a terrible place for a family man/woman. You are expected to come in 3 days a week on top of getting certified for new technologies (on your own time, you will not be given time to do so), a big list of HR related "classes", and also keeping up with a mountain of work while (for senior developers) also helping junior developers finish their work or learn the required technologies. To add the cherry on top, you may be required to work weekends to the release teams. It's also by far the most corporate place I have worked for. You are not speaking to a person, you are speaking to what their job title is. There seems to be an implicit ask that you grovel to people with more seniority.

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Photo J.P. Morgan de : Bournemouth office - Round the Island Cycle Challenge raising money for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.
Photo J.P. Morgan de : Bournemouth office
Photo J.P. Morgan de : JPMChase
Photo J.P. Morgan de : WFH at Udupi Location
Photo J.P. Morgan de : Break Room
Photo J.P. Morgan de : JP by night
Photo J.P. Morgan de : JP Morgan Chase & Co
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