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    J'ai travaillé chez Care UK à temps plein plus d'un an


    Good pay rates especially for clinical staff once training is complete


    Intense training squeezed into a very short space of time - not in a few weeks as advertised. Kicked off the training if you don't pass the exam after first week of training - make sure you have something to fall back on just in case or back to the job centre. Stressful, unsupported, unsympathetic, poor staff levels.

    Conseils à la direction

    Look after the front line staff, pretty sure you were there once upon a time. Address lack of staff retention issues. Be more realistic with the training schedule particularly for those who have very little clinical experience or knowledge to start with. Address who's training the new recruits...Disappointed the anatomy and physiology part of the training was delivered to experienced registered practitioners by... non-clinically trained personnel who couldn't always answer clinical questions. Training info read out to us from the booklet or off the slides and not come from a place of actual first hand clinical hands on experience. Appeared to be learned by rote and unprofessional unfortunately.

    Care UK2019-10-21
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    Je travaille chez Care UK à temps partiel


    Good incentives Good pay Easy job once learnt the system


    Stressful Mental challenging when dealing with life threatening situations

    Care UK2019-11-30
  2. « Excellent workshop training. »

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    Je travaille chez Care UK à temps partiel depuis moins d'un an


    Really interesting workshops, where I gained a lot of information about the care sector.


    Probably the overload of online coursework to do. I felt a bit pressured to get it done as soon as I could. I felt tired and stressed at times.

    Conseils à la direction

    From personal observation, the communication between staff and Management is at times non existant. Anything that can be done to improve this would help a great deal. I have to add that my Line Manager has been very helpful and supportive towards myself and colleagues.

    Care UK2019-11-22

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