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    Gym, cafeteria, discounts,


    remote office, management by the top

    Blizzard Entertainment2019-08-28
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    Employé actuel - Product Manager à Irvine, CA
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    Je travaille chez Blizzard Entertainment à temps plein depuis moins d'un an


    Fantastic culture. Geeks rejoice! Very family friendly. Lots of company sponsored events for employees and their families. Everyone is very smart, which makes me feel very humbled every day. Encouraged to get out and meet others within the company. Fantastic core values that people live and breathe every day. Company really appreciates you as a contributing individual.


    Hard to onboard here, due to the tribal nature of information. Company is very set in its ways, so slow to respond and slow to move. Has a tendency to be reactive rather than pro active. Some leaders, especially ones on game teams, have egos that are rough to have to contend with.

    Conseils à la direction

    Use the core values as a guide and continue to let everyone have a voice.

    Blizzard Entertainment2020-01-10
  2. « Fun place to work for »

    Employé actuel - Lead Software Engineer, Client 

    Je travaille chez Blizzard Entertainment à temps plein depuis plus de 5 ans


    Blizzard still has the unique vive


    The unique vive is going away

    Blizzard Entertainment2020-01-17

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