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4 déc. 2020
Employé actuel

What is the best or worst thing about the Vacation & Paid Time Off at CGI?`

24 août 2020
Employé actuel

3 Weeks vacation but not Flexible time off.

20 août 2020
Actuellement Project Manager à Calgary, Alberta

As I already said, vacations are the weaker benefit in this company. Only 15 days are lower than other organizations in the same industry

17 août 2020
Employé actuel

The vacation time is reasonable

18 mai 2020
Ancien employé

3 or 4 weeks of paid time off is at market standard in this region.

8 mai 2020
Employé actuel

they are giving good vacation and leave

25 mars 2020
Ancien HR Manager à Toronto, Ontario

Very flexible. Gives 50% credit to prior work experience that is relevant

14 janv. 2020
Employé actuel

We get extra weeks over the years and start with four weeks when you are a director

31 déc. 2019
Actuellement Senior Consultant à Toronto, Ontario

Depending upon the number of experience in the company, this will differ. You will have closely standard vacations and paid time off as similar to other companies at Canada.

28 août 2019
Employé actuel

It's pretty typical. Vacation hours are accrued over time, though vacation hours can go negative and be made back later.

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